Duracom Facade System, utilizing BGC Fibre Cement Compressed Panels and Cold Formed Section (CFS) steel support framing, to form a strong and durable facade cladding system.

Duracom panels fixed to the CFS steel support framing, are ideally suited for versatile architectural facades and parapet applications in industrial, institutional, commercial and multi-storey residential buildings.
Duracom panels are designed for installation in a variety of patterns, including vertical, horizontal, brick-bond or diamond inclined. Duracom panels are available in 9mm and 12mm thicknesses and are finished with site applied acrylic paint systems.


  • Lightweight cladding system.
  • Readily accepts many forms of decorative finish
  • Highly durable product.
  • Dynamic architectural style.
  • Fully sealed and balanced panels

Sheet Tolerances

  • Width +0/-2 mm
  • Length +0/-2 mm
  • Thickness +10%/-0%
  • Diagonals difference (max) 2 mm
  • Edge straightness deviation (max) 1 mm

Product Installation Manual and Material Safety Data Sheet