Fibre Cement

BGC Compressed Flooring

BGC Compressed Flooring is a high density fibre cement sheet which is ideally suited as a structural substrate for interior indoors in wet areas of framed constructions; including upper stories and transportable buildings. It is equally suited for use in the cladding of exterior decks.

BGC Compressed Flooring is immune to permanent damage from water. It is impact resistant, immune to termite attack, non combustible and easy to work.

BGC Compressed Flooring is manufactured to conform to the requirements of AS2908 Cellulose Cement Products, and is classified as Type A Category 5 for exterior use.


Weights are based on Equilibrium Moisture Content.

Sheet Tolerances

  • Width +0/-1mm
  • Length +0/-2mm
  • Thickness +10%/-0%
  • Diagonals difference (max) 2mm
  • Edge straightness deviation (max) 1mm
  • R Value (approx) 0.08