G-Tek Plasterboard

G-Tek Drywall

GTEK Drywall is uniquely designed to enable the lining of dry masonry walls with GTEK™ Wall. A fast, dry alternative to cement render and set plaster finishes, GTEK Drywall minimises potential delays to building projects associated with heavy, wet construction.

For a clean, easily-painted wall surface finish superior to cement render, GTEK™ Drywall minimises cracking, corrects misaligned walls and eliminates damaging render splashes.

What’s good about GTEK Drywall

  • Better finish than cement render – particularly with patched walls
  • Superior damage resistance
  • Straighter walls – less dependent on plastering to achieve flatness
  • Can be laminated directly to masonry using GTEK Masonry Adhesive

For more information: http://gtekplasterboard.com.au/wall-ceiling/drywall/